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Welcome to Univisual, a recognized Italian design studio, based in Milan since 1986, specialized in trademarks and identity systems.
Univisual - Brand Consulting

21 MAY 2024 Univisual at BIG 2024 Univisual at Biennale Internazionale Grafica 2024, the widespread festival dedicated to communication design and visual cultures in Milan. 21 MAY 2024 AIAP BIG Community 2024 A Univisual project included in the graphic designers Italian Association conference.
22 NOV 2023 Red Dot Awards Univisual recognized at the Red Dot "Brands & Communication Design" Awards. 11 OCT 2023 Art Directors Club Awards 2023 Golden prize to Univisual at the Art Directors Club Awards.
29 SEP 2023 Graphis Design Awards 2023 Univisual receives three silvers at the Graphis Design Awards. 05 JUN 2023 Print Awards 2023 Univisual wins at PRINT Awards 2023, a United States competition celebrating outstanding global graphic design.
02 MAY 2023 Libro Zanichelli Univisual illustrates the didactic section of the Zanichelli Publishing book "Tools of Graphic Designer". 18 APR 2023 ADI excellence Lombardia A project by Univisual on display during the Milan Design Week.
13 APR 2023 Campo grafico at pratt Gaetano Grizzanti presents 'Campo Grafico' history at New York Pratt Institute. 16 MAR 2023 Lecture at Politecnico Lecture on identity design at the Politecnico University of Milan.
10 JAN 2023 Campo Grafico Anniversary Campo Grafico: ninety years of cutting-edge graphic culture. 15 NOV 2022 ADI Design Index 2022 Univisual was selected by the ADI Index 2022, competing for Compasso d’Oro 2024, the historic Italian design award.
08 NOV 2022 IF! 2022 Univisual in the speaker panel at IF!, the annual event of the Italian Art Directors Club with a talk on branding. 28 SEP 2022 HiiiBrand Univisual awarded by a jury of AGI members through the International Institute of Ideas.
26 AUG 2022 Graphis Design Awards 2022 Four Univisual works recognized at the Graphis Design Awards. 26 MAR 2022 AIAP community 2022 A Univisual work among the 15 design studies selected at the ‘AIAP Community’ 2022 conference.
25 MAR 2022 ​​​​​​​Il design di Univisual in mostra a SIGNS ​​​​​​Univisual works at ‘Signs 2022’, the contemporary graphics design exhibition in Milan. 22 MAR 2022 Campo grafico - ADI Design Museum The 1930s journal 'Campo Grafico' on display at the ADI Design Museum.
25 MAR 2021 Dantedì Univisual's contribution for the first "Dantedì", the Italian day dedicated to Dante Alighieri, officially celebrated on 25 March 2021. 01 JAN 2021 Univisual 35 anniversary Univisual, started by Gaetano Grizzanti since 1986, celebrated its 35-year history in 2021.
11 DEC 2019 Univisual Calendario 2020 Twelve trademarks designed by Univisual in the third millennium are implemented to generate twelve images applied to the 2020 calendar Studio. 31 JAN 2013 Campo Grafico About “Campo Grafico”, the technical and aesthetic graphic journal, published from 1933 to 1939, incubation bucket of Italian style for typography and visual design.

18 FEB 2012 AIAP nuova denominazione Aiap aggiorna la propria denominazione sociale introducendo il termine ‘design’ per esplicitare l’appartenenza al settore. 05 OCT 2011 Raffaello Bertieri Exhibit With an exhibition in Milan, Raffaello Bertieri and historical magazine "Il Risorgimento Grafico” were remembered which, in the first half of the twentieth century, raised the fate of Italian typography.
12 OCT 2009 AIAP elezione - new board Gaetano Grizzanti is a member of the new Board of Directors of Aiap, the Italian Association for the design of visual communication. 01 SEP 2005 Univisual - Linea Grafica 2005 The July/August 2005 issue n.4 of Linea Grafica magazine mentions, in the Zapping column, the brand identity project developed by Univisual for Salmoirgahi & Viganò, the historic Italian optical chain.
30 JUN 2003 Pubblicazione DeAgostini Some Univisual works are mentioned in a new school book from DeAgostini Publishing.